GolfGuard Security Tags


Yellowtag GolfGuard is a durable circular plastic disc tag ideal for fixing to your golf travel bag. Supplied with a metal loop, the tag provides instructions on how to contact the owner by both the Yellowtag telefind service and by email. The system is totally automated but all finds are also followed up by Yellowtag to make sure finder and owner have made contact. Finders are given a Yellowtag product reward to the value of at least £15.00. Instructions for finders are provided in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, the main European golf destinations for the travelling golfers.

Each tag comes with a year’s subscription which starts when activated and can be renewed annually at half the current online price.

Did you know?

As well as protecting your valuable golf clubs and equipment, the tag helps to add a colourful and unique visual means for distinguishing your bag so that it is less likely to be taken by mistake by another passenger. Distinguishing features will also help baggage staff assigned to look for a lost piece of luggage have another means of confirming this is the missing piece.



Success Stories

    I had a call from Dad in the UK to say my passport was found...
    --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

    Mobile phone
    I lost my mobile phone and it was found at Great Hadham...
    --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

    Pet - Dog
    Many, many thanks Yellowtag, we were with friends in Suss...
    --Jackie & Andy (Manchester)

    Confirming safe return of lost my camera. Impressed with...
    --Michael Sexton (Middlesex)