ChildGuard Security Tags


ChildGuard is a fun safety wristband ideal for children. We believe that children will enjoy the great variety of colours and parents and carer's will value the safety they provide. The aim of the wristband is to cut down the time a lost child will spend separated from their parents or carer. The wristbands are ideal for all young children and can be used by childminders, youth clubs and also primary schools which take children on outings (The designated mobile phone number can be easily altered via computer at any time, rendering the bands a reusable safeguard for pupils or children in your care). They are ideal if you are visiting theme parks, zoos, play arenas, large shopping centres, crèches and holiday resorts. If a child becomes lost, they can ask an adult to phone the number on the wristband. If too young to do this, the bands are bright and clear with the instructions on the outside 'If I'm lost please call'. Someone finding a lost child will clearly see the band and the instructions. “Where's my child” are probably the most dreaded words for any parent or guardian. The panic that you feel is indescribable. Luckily, most of the time, the child is found unharmed and you are quickly reunited. Although, being separated for only a short time can still cause trauma for both child and parent.

Each tag comes with a year’s subscription which starts when activated and can be renewed annually at half the current online price.

Did you know?

  • 80% of all parents admit that they at some time or other they become accidentally temporarily separated from their children whilst away from the home.
  • 30% of parents have not taught their children what to do in the event that they do become separated from their parents when out. They often do after the event.
  • It is reported that US children get lost over 2000 times each day in many public places such as beaches, amusement parks, fairs, and airports.



Success Stories

    I had a call from Dad in the UK to say my passport was found...
    --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

    Mobile phone
    I lost my mobile phone and it was found at Great Hadham...
    --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

    Pet - Dog
    Many, many thanks Yellowtag, we were with friends in Suss...
    --Jackie & Andy (Manchester)

    Confirming safe return of lost my camera. Impressed with...
    --Michael Sexton (Middlesex)