PassportGuard Security Tags


Losing your passport is unfortunately an all too common occurrence and when it happens it's expensive! The current cost of a replacement UK passport is £77.50 for the standard service or £112.50 for the one week Fast Track service. If you lose it whilst on holiday you could even be looking at the cost of an emergency passport to get you home and new return flights if that emergency passport cannot be obtained in time! PassportGuard is a simple and effective way of addressing this problem. Applied to the back of your passport it gives anyone who finds your passport instructions on how to report the find. These instructions are in 8 different international languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. Our automated system notifies you immediately by telephone and / or email. All reported finds are also followed up by our support team. PassportGuard is available in 3 colours as follows: Maroon - For UK and many EU nations. Blue - For Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and many others. Green - For many countries including South Africa.

Each tag comes with a year’s subscription which starts when activated and can be renewed annually at half the current online price.

Did you know?

  • The number of people losing their passport is on the increase. According to The Home Office in 1999 62,364 people reported their passport as lost or stolen. In 2006 this figure increased to 290,996.
  • According to recent information from Halifax Travel Insurance over 500,000 British tourists lose their passport whilst overseas on holiday.
  • Most travel insurance policies have a maximum liability and an excess for this type of loss so you might not be fully reimbursed.
  • Losing your passport whilst overseas can often mean paying for extra nights accommodation, new return flights and emergency passports. There is also a cost to business due to people returning to work later than expected.
  • A replacement UK passport currently costs £77.50 for the standard service.
  • In Australia over 30,000 passports are reported lost or stolen each year.
  • Over 15,000 Irish passports are lost each year.



Success Stories

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    --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

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    --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

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