LuggageGuard Security Tags

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When purchasing LuggageGuard you will receive 2 durable plastic tags with metal loop connectors to safely secure them to your luggage. Affixed to your travel bags the tag provides anyone who finds your bag/s instructions on how to report the find. These instructions are in 7 different international languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian. Our automated system notifies you immediately by telephone and / or email. All reported finds are also followed up by our support team. Luggage can all too often become lost when travelling and LuggageGuard can help ensure you are quickly reunited with lost items as well as help you identify your bags on the carousel.

Each tag comes with a year’s subscription which starts when activated and can be renewed annually at half the current online price.

Did you know?

  • In 2007 Norwich Union reported a 40% increase in travel claims for lost luggage. Insure and Go reported a 85% increase.
  • At UK airports 5.6 million bags were lost in transit in 2006. Of these 15% (85,000) were never returned to their owners

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    Success Stories

      I had a call from Dad in the UK to say my passport was found...
      --Hugh Swire (Shropshire)

      Mobile phone
      I lost my mobile phone and it was found at Great Hadham...
      --Lynn Haslett (Hartfordshire)

      Pet - Dog
      Many, many thanks Yellowtag, we were with friends in Suss...
      --Jackie & Andy (Manchester)

      Confirming safe return of lost my camera. Impressed with...
      --Michael Sexton (Middlesex)